Comments for VIDEO: First look at new redhead scene, amazing Barbossa animatronic in Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland Paris


  1. Alice Estes Davis

    The PC Police won again .. Good bye childhood..

    1. PC Hata


      Someone , somewhere is always offended by everything

  2. Matt

    I actually really like the new redhead pirate. I wonder if she’s supposed to be Jacquotte “back from the dead red” Delahaye – one of the real-life pirates of the Caribbean.

  3. Musashi2112

    I think she look so great, and Barbossa is amazing!

  4. LanceSackless

    Pointless and unnecessary change to the attraction. Nothing but new clothes and PC talk. Shame.

  5. Violet

    They already ruined this ride when they put the dumb Johnny Depps in there. Before the changes it truly had a charm.

  6. James

    Walt himself expressed hesitation about the Bride Auction. 50 years ago he thought it might be too far, and society has changed in the 50 years. Selling women isn’t as funny as it was.

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