Comments for OPINION: How the end of Disney’s ‘Great Movie Ride’ mirrors the sad demise of filmgoing

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  1. Suzy

    The last time I was on the movie ride I noted how unexciting the actor figures were: look at Tarzan and Jane in particular. Compare them to Buzz Lightyear and more “animated” figures in other rides and attractions. Tarzan simply moves from one location to another and Jane blinks and moves her head a bit. The Bogart/Bergman figures in the Casablanca area don’t do very much. The best part is the Indiana Jones segment which includes live action.

    The films included are mostly classics and old time actors, ex. John Wayne, who do have their place in movie history. An updated version of the ride would have meant overhauling the entire attraction and replacing most of the film themes with more current films which are not all owned by Disney either.

    That said, film is not disappearing; it’s changing, just like communication tools for viewing are changing. Television has already changed; Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, CBSAll Access, streaming video, and the September is no longer the only start of the “tv season.”

  2. TimP

    I written about the demise of this ride before, or was it about Epcot’s Energy or Norway’s Maelstrom. Well, I did a great job there and I won’t repeat it here. I’ll try something different. Disney didn’t treat this ride as if it is meant to be preserved for another generation. It was kept freeze dried and patched up until it can’t. Their fates will be similar. Movies used to be though provoking and inspiring. Now everything is about superheroes and juvenile gag fests.

  3. Harley

    Preach on in comment to this article and if I can add just one thing I think this gen lost a sense of nestaglia (sp?) Or love of the orginial! And Disney realize this and instead of doing the right thing and updating they rather go bold and new! But then I ask why does vintage merch sell it’s bc most people love that and wish that! As I tell my son every day whom like me loves the old attractions and will miss energy and gmr …. You can’t please everyone!
    But sadly I had the same thoughts you stated in this article when I worked at gmr it was probably the most depressing thing about the job is I cared but everyone I spelled to was bored!

  4. Cameron De Vil

    The real reason for the closure of this ride of course lies with the fact the Disney corporation no longer want to license other properties than their own. This is also the reason things like the Twilight zone Tower of Terror will likely lose its twilight overlay (hopefully it will not become the monstrosity that DCA now has). Nonetheless it is a sad loss, especially as younger generations may have seen snippets on that ride and watched the film inits entirety.

    1. Fred S.

      Mission Breakout is not an “abomination”, most general theme park guests enjoy it and according to data, it has been an objective success for the resort. By now people have to accept the fact that change is bound to happen at Disney parks.
      Also, the Pandora land in Disney World is proof that Disney is still open to licensing outside franchises, so your “real” reason (or more appropriately “theory”) that Disney is only interested in having theme park franchises that they own is false.

  5. Laura

    I’m gonna say this is a very solid post and because of that you should not have inserted so pleasingly the word ‘opinion.’ You know very well this is all a fact. You know what you believe in and what you’ve learned from the world of the real Disney. You shouldn’t care to include how ‘controversial’ this is. You’re wasting time trying to please mediocre people. The mediocre won’t care what u shared and if anything they’ll be annoyed and say ‘damn right it’s ur opinion.’ The people who do care and know better are grateful for your sharing this and know that this is a fact, an important one. In shorter words, I was slightly referencing ‘Song of Bernadette.’ I mean, to those who don’t care, no pleasing is possible. To those who do care, no pleasing is necessary. Conviction about good things IS necessary, the lack of it is why all this is happening. You know better, good sir. Other than that, thank you very much for sharing this. I’m one of the lonely, lucky people that grew up at another time of entertainment–though i’m not actually old, haha. But I’m not a teenager anymore. It’s clearer if I acknowledge my folks’ influence. But they can’t help it because they are the lucky ones, they were kids when Walt Disney presents was new, when the man was alive, for goodness sake. I was lucky to see Ducktales when it was new. It’s incredible the things you learn just by watching everything.

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