Comments for Minnie van service arrives at Walt Disney World, allowing guests to call an Uber-like ride


  1. Shay

    Where will the drop off point be for the parks? Especially, Magic Kingdom. If these Minnie Vans could drop off by Magic Kingdom and not TTC, then I definitely see the appeal. Especially when trying to get there early for RD or ADR

    1. Scott

      The will supposedly take you wherever you want to go, that’s public access anyway. Since there isn’t a public access point at MK, you could go to say the area around BayLake Towers which is like a 5 minute walk to the MK gate.

      1. Bob

        They have dedicated drop off at the bus stop at Magic Kingdom instead of TTC

  2. Emily

    Are any of the Minnie Vans equipped with car seats? I can imagine the nightmare in it – but I have small children and am trying to gauge who the audience for this service is.

    1. Anne R

      I was wondering the same thing.

    2. Bob

      Yes, I saw them today and they have an all in one car seat.

  3. Dave Seip

    Way too expensive, $20.00 a trip? Uber is $6.00 from French Quarter to Universal Studios and 3.00 from French Quarter to Magic Kingdom.

    Should be by the Mile, not by the trip, and are they gonna use a magicband reader?

    1. Scott

      That would depend on wait time for it I would guess. If I could get picked up at Hollywood and dropped off at MK within 10 mins of calling for it, than it may be worth it.

    2. Steve

      Except for the fact that the minimum fare on Uber is $8. Nice try

    3. Bob

      $17 to $34 for Uber from French Quarter to Universal and $10 to $20 from French Quarter to Magic Kingdom with Uber. The Minnie Van are driven by Cast Members with property and product knowledge and can hold conversations with you as opposed to many Uber or Lyft drivers.

  4. Aundria

    I feel like plenty of guests will utilize these cars. It never hurts to have more options. For some people time saved is worth $20. It’d be crazy to not take advantage of a program like this.

  5. Denise

    Are they going to be at other resorts not just deluxe ones. I would def pay at night after fireworks and the whole crowd leaving

  6. Scott

    rent a nissan altima for a week for 140 plus fees, park on property for free (if you’re staying on property right?) vs. a one time shot @ $20 per pop. Granted you may only use that service a couple of times, saving you money, but having a car on property is awesome and well worth the rental / flexibility. while I wouldn’t use it unless an extreme circumstance I can still see the usefulness for many guests.

  7. Susie B.

    Is that $20 per rider? For instance, $50 for a family of five? I am wondering, as most of the shuttles offsite charge per rider, not per trip for all seats.

  8. Eddie

    So, unlimited, free transportation “for all our guests” is just no longer a Disney mandate? There is money to be made!

    Ripping them off every way possible!

    1. Bob

      It is not replacing any existing transportation, it is merely offering an alternative method, and covering an early that Disney is lacking in. Minnie Van is a quick and easy way to get from resort to resort without having to spend 2 hours and hop on 3 different buses to get there.

  9. Van

    I think $20 per trip is kind of pricey but see times that I may use this service. I think it would be more appealing to use if like the express transportation service from park to park that you have a longer option price point as well as the single ride. Other words have a options of unlimited use for x amount for 7 days.

  10. jesse

    Is this for small resort guest?

    1. jesse


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