Comments for It’s ‘Game Over’ for DisneyQuest as Walt Disney World shuts down indoor interactive theme park


  1. Paul

    It’s all about the food and booze, not the magic. Such a shame there is no effort into updating things, and now there is one less thing to do on a super hot or rainy day.

    1. frostysnowman

      Agree. We really enjoyed going there. And replacing it with an NBA experience is rather lame.

      1. Stefanie

        It’s not place NBA experiences should go worldwide sports not Disney springs .we love going there it was great

  2. DoctorDabs

    “There was a DisneyQuest opened in Chicago, and it closed down. There were plans to put DisneyQuest in Philadelphia and Toronto, but they were never built. Even the one scheduled for Disneyland was never built. The DisneyQuest at Disney Springs was the first, only, and last.” How can you say “it’s the first, ONLY, and last ” when only a few sentences above you state Chicago had one that opened and closed? Might want to proofread next time before publishing.

  3. Jay R

    My first visit was when the food was provided by the Cheesecake Factory. I took some to go and enjoyed it on the flight back home.

  4. Trish

    Not sure the NBA culture is a great fit for the Disney Magic but only time will tell.

  5. Bippity Boppity Blah

    The only thing that was truly Disney about Downtown/Springs, and the only solid reason to visit that puffy parking mess. Other than that it is a pretentious tweener outdoor mall, of over-priced junk for Jersey girls.

    Fits right along with ruining the viking boat ride in Norway, slapping some day-glow paint on Test Track, and doing nothing great with Spaceship Earth.

    On to Universal!

  6. Sharlene Perez

    Downtown Disney went downhill it’s not like it used to be used to be fun with the kids and family now it’s not now it’s alcohol fights drugs it’s really going down not a family or Kids Place like it used to be anymore

  7. dreamsofriveriamaya

    This was always a favorite of my kids. I think it also gives parents another fun outlet with no long lines, & also a fun alternative on a hot or rainy day. I wish they had just updated it. Very sad to see this go! Will especially miss the virtual reality Pirates of the Caribbean!

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