Comments for Fan Petition to “Keep the Redhead” on Pirates of the Caribbean Attraction in Disney Parks Nears 25,000 Signatures


  1. Jeff

    Completely useless petition.
    But if it makes people feel better…..whatever.

    Bring on the Red Pirate!!

  2. T. Ferguson

    Sure I liked the scene, but I won’t cry when it’s changed. Honestly, I just want the chant to stay somehow. That’s what I’d miss most.

    Once it’s changed, all the fuss will be forgotten except for those who are probably still mad about the Pirates movie elements being incorporated into the attraction. Disney will never win over those kinds of people, but they’re a small minority.

  3. Damion

    Political correctness is out of control . . . .

  4. Jeremy Sampson

    SJW’s have taken over Disney. It’s a shame a once non-political theme park, is now going down the sewage of political correctness.

    1. Actually informed unlike you

      Disney has always played politics, in this case you are the SJW crying for change.

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