Comments for D23 EXPO 2017: “Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway” Announced to Replace Great Movie Ride at Walt Disney World


  1. Nic Kramer

    Sounds a bit low tech, in my opinion. Plus, I don’t think fans will be happy with this change. Especially those that feel the new Mickey shorts aren’t a true representation of the character (I found some gags might be ones Walt would cringe at). A better idea would be one to go though Mickey’s film career. Something like The Great Movie Ride.

  2. Eric Lopez

    The new animation style looks cheap and rushed compared to others. It’s not the best choice for a Mickey ride.

  3. Christi

    This is an AWFUL idea. The Great Movie Ride is iconic and the reason the Studios was built. Terrible idea to replace that history with a cheesy nothing attraction.

    1. Chris

      Pretty sure Mickey is slightly more iconic in Disney’s eyes

  4. Michael

    This is going to be a great attraction. My uncle is working on this type of projection technology and says it’s VERY cool. And sorry, movies aren’t made like that anymore, heck movies aren’t even made in Hollywood. Get with the times

    1. Eric Lopez

      Get with what times, the cost cutting cheap looking animation style that they are going with? It wouldn’t be so bad if the Great Movie Ride was being replaced by a better looking Mickey ride but it’s not which makes this a disappointment and looking at all the attention to detail Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is getting this looks like a pathetic attempt of a replacement.

      1. Nic Kramer

        Plus, how are these shorts better than “Fantasia”? Matter of fact, a Fantasia would be nice.

      2. Chris

        You’ve ridden and seen the entire ride!?!? Lucky!!!

  5. Bryan

    I grew up in the 70s and 80s when Mickey was at his nadir of personality.

    Through the 70s, 80s and 90s, I had absolutely no sense of what Mickey was about except for he appeared on T-Shirts and he was a cheerful corporate spokesman for Disney. In his sporadic appearances, (Mickey’s Christmas Carol and The Prince and the Pauper) he wasn’t even Mickey Mouse so much as he was Bob Crachit, The Prince and The Pauper, who all happened to look like Mickey.

    It’s only been since things like Disney Junior’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and the especially Mickey Mouse shorts that I obtained any sense that Mickey had a personality behind that face.

    I really appreciate that – because while I always loved Disney World, I honestly never cared for the main cast of characters because, emotionally, a face on a T-Shirt just doesn’t resonate with me. A character like the one in they’ve brought back in the last 15 years *does*.

    I can actually say that it’s only now in my 40s that I finally care about and smile when I see Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Daisy and Pluto at the parks – in a way I never did before.

    Those new shorts took me from 35+ years of not caring to finally being a Mickey fan.

    1. Nic Kramer

      Have you read Floyd Gottfredson’s Mickey Mouse comic strip? I think this is one of the best representation of Mickey. Walt himself helped write the first few months of the strip before he got very busy. Fantgraphics has put out collections of books of this comic strip and are nearly finished (the continuations at least, the last twenty years of Floyd’s work were gag a day strips due to the request of the strip’s publisher, King Features).

  6. Pam

    I really hate the cheap cost cutting Mickey Mouse cartoons (we don’t even watch them in our house), if they want Mickey Mouse ride then they should use the cartoons back when Mickey was great!!

  7. Shane

    I can’t believe they are going to use cartoons that look like a first grader drew them.

    1. Anonymous

      Get with the times dude and I bet a first grader can draw better than you.

      1. PretenderNX01

        They clearly went with the new shorts style as it’s something current they can sell people. Selling is why they replaced Maelstrom with Frozen and the educational Energy ride is getting replaced with Guardians of the Galaxy.

        I think at least doing a 3D attraction with Mickey’s classic cartoons that Walt actually worked on would be better but they probably don’t sell as many vintage Mickey DVDs.

        1. Anonymous

          I agree and the fact that they are doing a Mickey Mouse attraction is pretty surprising. Plus I hate Ellen and I was pretty excited to see it go and most kids don’t even know who Ellen even is.

  8. Kenneth Cox

    Seriously people, give it a chance.

    it is like you never have seen change before.

  9. T

    Why did they just refurbish it if they were going to close it?

  10. Ken

    Not happy with this decision. Not happy. I love The Great Movie ride.

    1. Bob Iger

      The Great Movie Ride sucks. “Oh wow i love seeing 70 year old movies nobody remembers about being shoved in my face by those annoying people on the ride vehicles”.

  11. Emma

    A n g e r y

    1. Anonymous

      E m m a D o e s N o t K n o w H o w T o

      S p e l l

  12. Brad

    This is a terrible decision. The studios need more rides in general along with Epcot. Why can’t they just build a new facility for this so we can have both. This would actually make more sense to have it as an expansion of One Man’s Dream, but not replacing something that is beloved by so many people. This will be greatly missed. Very disappointed.

    1. Anonymous

      The thing is no 5 year old kid actually cares about The Great Movie Ride and they don’t even know what half of those movies are. Plus their contract with these movie companies has ran out.

      1. Anonymous

        And nobody really cares what you think so go be a big loser somewhere else where we don’t have to listen to your dumb complaining.

  13. Tom JK

    It makes sense why they are doing this. Disney must have been paying studios like Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox to use material from some of their films. At this point, they probably want to keep it Disney-centric and not pay any royalties for properties they don’t own.

    I’ll be honest: as much as I loved The Great Movie Ride, it got old. It had great animatronics (my favorite was the “Alien” section), but the script for our tour guides and gangsters eventually turned stale. It also didn’t help that they had a generic horror movie section without the use of iconic monsters. I am going to miss this, but it’s time we get something new.

    I get where you’re coming from. The animation on those recent Mickey Mouse shorts is cheap. Not to mention, ugly. I even hate that Goofy doesn’t wear pants. They all look too-modernized to a point where they appear like they are trying to emulate the “Adventure Time” design. I have no gripe with how beloved “Adventure Time” was, but it’s that kind of animation I hate. It’s cheap, it’s gross, and it’s showing up everywhere.

    However, if you ignore the animation, most of those shorts are very funny. I especially love the first one where they’re in France and Minnie runs out of croissants. That scene where Mickey crashes into the castle where Prince Charming is about to slip a glass slipper onto Cinderella’s foot is classic. I bet if it was animated like “House of Mouse,” it would be a little more tolerable to watch. I would prefer they’d stick with that 80’s/90’s style of character animation.

    Here’s what may surprise us about the attraction. Maybe this train ride doesn’t only take us into a current Mickey cartoon, but into Mickey cartoons of Disney past. There is something that Disney won’t tell us about the whole experience. I’m guessing it will change things for the better, but not to how we expect it.

    In short, I am semi-excited for the ride. It sounds like a fun idea, but I’m still a little iffy about them using the 2013 designs.

  14. Max.

    well. I suppose it wouldn’t be Disney without flimsy remakes and franchise favoritism. If I can have the entire “Wizard of Oz” section I may feel less venomous.

    1. Anonymous

      The Wizard of Oz is not a Disney property and the movie is almost 78 years old and Disney wouldn’t be dumb enough to make a land about a movie that is not relevant anymore.
      What is wrong with franchise favoritism?

      1. Mr. O

        The Wizard of Oz isn’t relevant anymore? Why don’t you go ask the wizard for a brain scarecrow? The Wizard of Oz is absolutely relevant and has been for the past 75 years. Also, who cares about relevance?

        1. Mr. O

          Yes people do care about The Wizard of Oz and people also care about Gone with the Wind as well. People who don’t need to be brainwashed into doing so. And why don’t you go and get ALS like Lou Gehrig???

        2. Anonymous

          And why don’t you go jump off the tallest building in the world (AKA your mother). I hope you get AIDS. I hear your mother calling you. I bet it’s chicken nugget night! Your father who left you when you were 2 would be so proud of you still living in your mom’s basement.

  15. Tom JK

    I don’t see why they can’t make a “Great Disney Movie Ride.” If we keep “Mary Poppins” and add more to “Fantasia,” that’s step one. Step two would be to add more classic Disney characters from both animated and live action films. As much as I would love animatronics of the animated characters, we might as well see that in a Fantasyland attraction. It would be Dianey repeating themselves if we especially saw other Ariel or Peter Pan animatronics on a different ride. For cartoons, maybe it should be digital projections. For live action, they can stay as animatronics. I’d actually like to see the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy placed here and not anywhere else in the theme park…or at the other theme parks. Eventually, the MCU (or Marvel) will have a place in history, but not in a timeless sense. This would be the only ride where I’d include these superheroes. They are not that Disney to get their own attractions. Same thing for Star Wars.

    Now, step three would have to include not only their successful projects, but also their failures to show how Disney learned from their mistakes and evolved over the years. To talk about their best, sometimes you have to mention about their worst. That could also get audiences to see and discover some underappreciated films they have never seen before.

    I don’t know. It’s moments like this where I wonder why someone like me is not thinking about the same idea and running the show. Disney should stay cautious. If their Mickey ride works, that will be great. If it doesn’t, then they must learn from this. Granted, I think the later results of Pandora will soon hit them hard.

  16. Stanley

    ‘Game changing’ in Disney speak means ‘more screens’. They really need to get away from the use of the screens. Anyone can go down to the local cineplex now and see state of the art 3D and I’m guessing motion seats at some point soon.

    Disneys version of game changing is always underwhelming and they replace rides that are still a marvel to this day with stuff that isn’t. I do like the Frozen ride and was pleasantly surprised, but if you want game changing, you to to universal. Disney is for the IP, nostalgia, and older state of the art that still has a sense of wonder about it like Haunted Mansion, Pirates, Twilight Zone, and yes, The Great Movie Ride.

    1. Stanley's Mom

      If you actually had more than one brain cell than maybe you actually watched the live stream and see the footage of the ride you would understand that it isn’t “just screens” and there is actually no 3-D on this specific attraction. And Stanley its time for you to come upstairs for dinner.Your dinosaur chicken nuggets are getting cold.

  17. Denise

    Very sad that this is closing. It is all about the Movies, hence the name the Studios. This version of Mickey and Minnie scares me, I do not let my kids watch it because there is nothing intelligent about it, they act like imbeciles. I guess that avoiding that will give me a gew more minutes in Star Wars land of with Pixar.

    1. Anonymous

      Wow you are the dumbest mother on the planet. You should allow your kids to watch whatever they want to watch and the new cartoons are actually closer to the originals than ever before. I bet your kids hate you because you won’t let them watch a cartoon for kids. Also isn’t it time for you to go to your dumb church group or something to pray the evil incarnations of Mickey away.

  18. Sean Patrick Kennedy

    I was a tour guide at The Great Movie Ride. Starting my Disney career May 15th 1989, as a matter of fact.. Later I worked at the Walking Tour, eventually became The Rocketeer and put my footprints out front of the Chinese in the cement in 1992. I then became Indiana Jones for the last two-and-a-half years of my time at MGM. Ive got to say, it hurts my heart to see the place go. I’ll be there the last day.

    1. Sean Patrick Kennedy

      Quick shout out to my training by Keith, who still works the ride.. I hope your my last Tour Guide or Gangster, man.

  19. Steven

    And yet another closure at Hollywood studios before something new opens. I am very disappointed at the loss of another themeing element from Hollywood Studios. The Great Movie Ride is still a beloved favorite of my family and has encouraged us to reach back in cinematic history and watch some of those classic movies featured.

    I am excited to see a Mickey themed ride, but am not a fan of the current animation style. We’ll see what happens.

  20. Harrison Hunter

    Remember when Roy Disney told Eisner you’re doing the parks on the cheap…this change seems uneventful and under exciting….and yes they don’t want to pay the royalties to the other studio companies…the imagineers are getting lazy and that’s why Universal is the best ….until people start start complaining with their wallets-this will never change…funny-“lets take all our technology and advancements we’ve made over the decades and go back to the old and out dated ideas that will save lots of money”….

  21. TinkerAnita

    This is sad. I love the great movie ride and I hate that version of Mickey and the gang. Just can’t deal with it.

  22. So disappointing. GMR was my favorite ride at DHS, and now I won’t even get a chance to ride it again…

  23. Shane

    With only 2 decent areas (star wars and pixar), this will be a half day park. I hope they don’t remove the mini-golf courses.

  24. Tom JK

    You know, it’s possible that after all the complaining, this ride may turn out to be great.

  25. Bob Iger

    Do not listen to Nic Kramer. The moron who can’t let things go and doesn’t want change to happen to a 30 year old outdated ride.

    1. Mr. O

      NOTHING is outdated and you sir are an imposter. The park would be doing just fine if they stopped adding attractions after Tower of Terror and were still called MGM, and many people still say MGM.

      1. Anonymous

        Maybe if you weren’t an idiot you would actually hear what i am saying. The park does need more attractions because the park is the lowest rated WDW park (as of 2017). Plus Disney’s contract with MGM ran out and they won’t call it that anymore. You need to grow up and actually pay attention to world around you. YOU SIR are the imposter.

        1. Mr. O

          The park should’ve never built anything else after Tower of Terror. It was perfect then they way Universal was perfect before they got rid of Back to the Future and Jaws for two IPs that don’t belong in Universal. If I ran Universal I’d banish Harry Potter to Six Flags with all the other WB properties. You are the imposter and should be arrested for your beliefs. If I ran the parks as well I’d still say call it MGM even without a contract with them. I will NEVER pay attention to the world around me and it would be a perfect world if I was the only person on the planet. Then I can enjoy the parks all to myself with no on else.

  26. Jar

    We always make sure we go on the Great Movie Ride every time we are there. It is very disappointing to hear they will be replacing it…especially with a ride that seems like its aimed more for children!

    1. Mr. O

      The ride doesn’t need to be replaced, you have a horrible taste in theme parks and if I were CEO of Disney, the park would go back to the early 90s and never change. I would reach a point where NOTHING is ever built again.

      1. Anonymous

        But you are an idiot and you are wrong. You need to get with the times and nothing is going to stay the same EVER and Walt Disney has also stated that for whatever park it is “it will never be completed as long as there is imagination left in the world”. You sir have a horrible taste in theme parks.

        1. Mr. O

          Anonymous YOU are the idiot and you are wrong. Yes there will be a point where nothing is ever changed and I have a better taste in theme parks than you. That quote needs to be thrown away entirely. I will NEVER evolve with the times and I hope you end up in jail for life.

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    1. Anonymous

      Well that is certainly one complicated way to put it.

  28. AnonymousAnonymous

    Mr. O is the most retarded person on the planet. Everyone that has read his comments gets dumber every time and they all wish that he would go and jump off a bridge. But being the moron he is he will say that he doesn’t want change to happen in the parks even though Walt Disney has stated that the park will always change as long as there’s imagination left in the world. Let us all boycott against Mr. O and his dumb antics. HE is a disgrace to the Disney fanbase and to the human race.

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