Comments for VIDEO: Submarine Quest ride, Orca Encounter show debut at SeaWorld San Diego with new interactive Ocean Explorer realm

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  1. tony

    Who aprroved that ride Submarine Quest. It doesnt make Since. It looks like its missing things. Insidethemagic when u guys went on it i know u guys were scratching ur heads and saying what is this? were was the money spent on the ride, in the Station? Whats wrong with Seaworld San Diego . No Kid is going to car about this ride, There is nothing to explore ur outside and above ground. Somebody should be Fired. I can imagine what the guys that were making the ride were saying, Seaworld wants this wow,they have gone cheep, Ok what ever they want. hahaha. This Ride will not Last and will be Shutdown for not enough Attendance. Thats Sad Seaword San Diego .

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