Comments for Could a sixth Pirates film bring back fan-favorite swashbuckling villains?


  1. Tom Slick

    Perhaps Teach, but here’s the real deal;
    Remember Jack Sparrow stating he was sailing of beyond the horizon?

    Remember Barbossa and co. Saved Sparrow from Davey Jones Locker?
    Well Sparrow is going back to rescue Barbossa, because he, along side Sparrow will have to fight to save Will Turner, who still owes Jones servitude, and Barbossa will need to save his daughter.

    I also believe Calypso will be involved again, because after rescuing Barbossa, most if not all the original pirate lores will do final battle.

  2. Tom JK

    Look. This was a fun franchise with great action scenes and memorable characters. But story-wise, they’ve gotten worse. The first film was awesome, and the second one was close to being good, but with a few head scratchers. The third one, however, was awful and convoluted. The fourth, I thought, was just alright, but better than “At World’s End.” I still haven’t seen the latest one yet. Still, no matter if it’s a gem or garbage, no more. It’s time to take this movie series to bed.

    You want more Jack Sparrow? I think an animated series might do the trick.

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