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  1. J

    Hey Mike, thanks for the write-up, but I think you dropped a big spoiler in there with the part about the appearance of Mr. Hyde. I for one was not expecting Jekyll to change in this movie (maybe I’m in the minority). Just give us a heads up for spoilers in the future please! Thanks.

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Honestly – it’s not much of a spoiler. The “change” is less a drastic shift in character and more “I’m going to make my British sound more like a pirate now while I get angry!” It’s a scene that is largely meaningless to this film, sadly.

      But whether it’s good or not, you’re right that it is a slight spoiler. So I’ve added in a warning. 🙂

  2. The Mummy franchise has been struggling lately. Ever since the original 1999 movie was released, the movies have gradually gotten worse. The first “Mummy” was slick, well made and entertaining; the second was your typical B/C movie, not the worst but far from the best, and then with the third installment it was clear that Hollywood had given up on the franchise and wanted one more pay-cheque.

    Skip forward to 2017 and we appear to have something just as good as the original. Sure, for some, the flashy visuals may seem like a cover-up for the (occasional) uninspired dialogue, however, there is no doubt that a lot of money was invested in making this film look good, and it sure delivers on that aspect (even with The Scorpion King setting the bar very low, “The Mummy” (2017) still looks pretty amazing).

    Tom Cruise stars, which to some may be a turn-off, but I think some credit is due here. Tom has made a name for himself in the M:I film’s, and with his performance in “The Mummy”, he shows audiences that perhaps it’s not too late to make a name for yourself in a different franchise. He’s not the best actor in the world by any means, but he does the job and he does it well enough for the film to be taken reasonably seriously.

    I think that it’s important to remember that you’re not seeing anything ground- breaking with this film; it’s not going to have the same impact as the original Mummy title and it certainly isn’t going to steal the show at the Oscars, but it has its moments of adrenaline-pumping action, well-crafted visuals and smart dialogue.

    Some of this 1hr 47min Egyptian-fetish flick feels a bit clunky, and the story is all too familiar sounding (disturbing an ancient evil which comes back to wreak havoc on everyone), but when you consider that there have been worse Mummy films, 2 to be exact and that Alien Covenant hasn’t exactly set the bar for reboots particularly high, The Mummy has its entertainment value, it has its action and suspense, but it also has some cracks in its sarcophagi which will, hopefully, be ironed out when they inevitably make another of these in 2 or so years time.

    Not the worst, not the best, but definitely worth watching for a few thrills.

    Parental Guidance: Some scary scenes, moments of moderate fantasy horror and bloody violence, language (15+) READ MORE… >>

    1. Diego

      Good post. Sure, it wasn’t a masterpiece by any means but I still found it entertaining and that’s what counts most for the most moviegoer.

      Plus, I am excited for the crossover possibilities this shared universe may unveil. I definitely wish them luck in this endevour.

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