Comments for REVIEW: Disney’s live-action “Beauty and the Beast” is yours to own in dazzling home video release


  1. Erika

    Love the movie (of course) and all the special features, but I was hoping for some in-depth, how Dan Stevens became the beast featurettes. There was some glimpses of the gray suit, but not enough 🙂 I’m a real nerd for how they do everything.

  2. I have to admit it…I was dead wrong about “Beauty and the Beast”. I had absolutely zero desire to see it because I really hate remakes. The only reason I did was because my wife insisted we go. And, when the wife insists…we go! I have now to thank my wife and must admit she was right…the film is terrific. The only reason I don’t score this one an A+ is simply because so much of it is a regurgitation of the wonderful 1991 cartoon version by Disney.

    So why am I so positive about this movie? Well, to me it’s simply the most visually stunning and artistic film I have ever seen…and I have reviewed thousands and thousands of films. I went to the theater fully expecting to hate the picture…but soon found it took my breath away…not just once but again and again…it’s that beautiful. And, what I also really appreciate is that the film is the best looking CGI/live action combination I have ever seen and the 3D effects are much, much better than usual. With most live action films made in 3D, I generally leave with a feeling that I could have enjoyed the movie just as much in 2D as 3. And, all but a few scenes seem as if they were not even shot with 3D in mind. But not Beauty and the Beast. The filmmakers obviously thought out every possible aspect of the movie and each scene used the multidimensionality to its fullest. Because of that, I strongly recommend you not only see the film on the big screen but pay the extra money and see it in 3D. Really, you must see it on the big screen and in 3D. I have no desire to ever see the film on DVD or cable television…it is truly a big and impressive film you must experience in person. You can thank my wife later.

    By the way, a side note: I know there’s been a lot of hubbub about the character Le Fou in this film because he’s gay. I think if Disney hadn’t said anything about this before the film was released, most folks would not have really cared one way or the other and many simply wouldn’t have noticed. It doesn’t smash you over the head and I don’t see this movie as some ‘gay agenda picture’…and I see it much like I see “Some Like it Hot”. It’s a shame, as I am sure a lot of people who were angered by this gay character probably wouldn’t be so angry if they just saw the film and let themselves enjoy it. READ MORE… >> http://bit.ly/2hyfmsk

  3. Tom

    Well, I can tell you this:

    I’m watching the movie right now for the first time, and as a musician myself I can tell right off the bat they used auto-tune on Emma’s voice. How can they do that with the *main character of the freaking movie* and get away with it? In the original animated version, the voice actress actually SANG her songs and had talent!

    I’m sorry, but this really ruins the film for me, as someone who has an ear for these kind of things. This will be the last time I ever watch the movie because of this reason.

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