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  1. My parents brought me to Circus World in 1979 and 1983. My memories are hazy but I remember that I loved it. Under a big top, they got volunteers from the audience to “be a part of the circus,” and my dad got picked to go on the trapeze, while I learned how to juggle (a talent I can still do). I got my face painted and I remember they had the best chocolate fudge I had ever tasted :-).

  2. I worked there from June 12th- December 24th, two weeks before it closed up.

    It was a great place to work, with an illusion show, western show, Be-A-Star show and the main circus show.

    They also had the fastest looping roller coaster, the Veinerlooper, which I regularly rode with guests that requested a clown go with them.

    1. Connie

      How cool, I’d like to ride a coaster with a clown!

  3. I was working across the street building the Ramada Inn at the same time the big top was being built, the whole thing was shot guinite not a tent. Pretty cool.

  4. Jim

    I heard they moved the wooden roller coaster to someplace in Arkansas…Where?

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