Comments for Hall of Presidents to Reopen as a ‘New Show’ With Theater Upgrades, as Walt Disney World Adds Trump Animatronic

hall of presidents

Credit: Disney


  1. Kenneth

    New show shows how far we come as a country.

    Then trump.

    1. Andrew

      If they attempt to be reflective of the actual person they’ll probably get complaints that the new Trump animatronic is broken… not using properly formatted sentence structure or even relaying cognizant thought patterns. However, I’m guessing that will only be noticed by roughly half of those who attend.

      1. Jeremy Sampson

        They should then show Obama, how he really was… a corrupt anti-white, anti-police, anti-Semitic muslim who practically destroyed America. His group of criminals including Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, Joe Bide, and Hillary Clinton caused America to become divided, in addition to bribing CNN, NBC, ABC, and other far-left propaganda sources.

        1. Greg

          Oh good god. Have some more fox news kool-aid why don’t you.

          1. Mike

            Greg, lefties like you have shown how much CNN Kool-Aid you chug with all those riots last year.

  2. Benjamin Englesmith

    “How far we’ve come as a country…” and how far we’ve fallen.

    1. Jeremy Sampson

      More like how far we have recovered from the alt-left tyrant of the past 8 years.

  3. Blah

    Oh get over it
    Obumma was a horrible potus and we sat through him with respect
    Grow up and don’t go if you don’t like it

    1. A

      Sat through I’m with respect. That’s hilarious

  4. TimP

    Let’s show far we fallen with Obama’s disastrous presidency. Then we got Trump to reverse 20 years of globalism that brought America’s decline.

  5. Kevin

    I applaud Disney for doing this despite internet controversy. It shows respect for the Presidency. Let’s face it, we can all probably learn something from Disney’s move here … meaning: fans of Trump, critics of Trump, fans of Obama, critics of Obama… the list goes on and on.

    Bravo, Disney! Keep it classy! 🙂

  6. sherri

    Please, keep hall of presidents.. I am bringing my 12 yr old son for first time, so excited for him to see and experience.. Please every president had some controversy, so put up Trump & Biden, and please lets GO!

    Its the USA, We all have our opinions……

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