Comments for Disney Parks to Replace “Pirates of the Caribbean” Bride Auction, Arming Famous Redhead With All-New Role


  1. Michael Hemphill

    This is awful! It adds nothing to the original scene and it smells of SJW agenda…

  2. Aaron Cobb

    I agree this is such a bunch of garbage been going to Disney World since 1979 and this is disgraceful I’m considering not renewing my annual passes. Very sad?

  3. Linda Axel

    As a female pirate. Who just happens to be a redhead. I love it.

  4. Edward Mazzilli

    Geez! Some of the comments here aren’t very nice. Why is it so bad to have a female pirate? There were female pirates back in the pirate age.

  5. CTrent29

    I don’t mind if a female pirate was added to the ride. But why undergo a major re-haul of the auction scene to do it?

  6. CD

    I am happy about this change. I don’t like the auction scene. Besides, Disney is always making changes and, in my opinion, they are always for the better. This is what imagineers do! They are amazing! I, for one, will remain a proud AP holder and look forward to the re-do and all the other Disney magic that is in the works.

    1. Sherry

      Imagineers should be creating new and original rides and attractions, not changing iconic scenes in legendary attractions.

  7. Jeremy Perkins

    So now Disney is bowing down to the SJW’s. They first bowed down to the muslims by covering Princess Jasmine’s costume so as to not “offend” muslims who believe in FGM and arresting women who have been assaulted.

    1. Mia

      Seriously? Her costume’s only covered when it’s colder, for reasons that are pretty obvious to anyone with a brain.

  8. Absolutely pathetic. Disney needs to ignore the SJWs and the PC crowd. Disney needs to bring the ride back to its 1967 glory and hopefully a new management will do just that and drain the swamp of PC and Captain Jack, not only making POTC great again, but making Disneyland great again. Let the PC police and SJWs get so angry at Disney that they organize boycotts.

    1. Taylor

      I hate to break it to you, but nobody cares if you boycott. Disneyland has more than enough loyal fans to sustain the magic without you and everyone else who is so offended by the mere thought of putting a woman in power. Also, I don’t know about you, but change is fun – without it, Disneyland wouldn’t be half the park it is today.

  9. Matthew Broussard

    If they’re going to take away the auction scene, at least reintroduce the scene of pirates chasing women. As uncomfortable a fact as it might be for the precious snowflakes who demand these sorts of changes, pirates *were* nasty, sexist, womanizing brutes. If you can’t handle pirates behaving badly, you’re missing the point.

    1. TimP

      The original Auction scene never worked because they changed the Chase scene. The Auction was about getting the women and the chase was the women resisting. With the new Auction scene, they need to fix the chase scene. Have the Pirates chasing after the villagers who have the treasures they seek.

    2. Kenneth

      Someone is scared of women not being treated as slaves.

  10. Matt

    What, no LGBTQJYRCG pirates? Revisionist foul! Disney has lost its way.

    1. Mia

      Most of the Disney music that’s been written since the 90s is thanks to members of the LGBTQ+ community. Disney is moving forward. Dinosaurs like yourself are just having a hard time keeping up.

  11. tony

    This is what Pirates doo,They dont care, Thats point about being a Pirate. Enough of This We have please SJW or people that are sensative. This is Disney boardmembers worried about the P.R way to mutch . People on the P.R Team needs to step down, boardmembers need to Ingore when SJW cryies about something. I just cant belive these Companys are bowing down to these groups.

    1. Kenneth

      ..you mean society which does not want to see women as slaves?

      1. tony

        No, The SWJ are the one complaing . People didnt care, its part of what pirates do. SWJ on Social Media has influenced the mines of Disney Board Members and some people in america.

        1. tony

          SJW is what i meant

  12. Vanessa

    I don’t believe anyone is offended by a woman being powerful, such as a female pirate. And I’m sure most avid Disney goers were not offended by the bride auction either. What is offensive about this, is that it’s being changed drastically to prove a point or to satisfy people that can’t handle the truth. It’s all for those whiney few. Walt Disney would be turning in his grave if he saw what Disney has become. They sell their name to everything and anything. Disney has sold itself into every corner of the market. It’s all about greed and politics. Walt had integrity and this was HIS park. If you don’t like seeing scenes that were created under his approval then you shouldn’t have gone on the ride. While a part of Disney kept slapping their name on all kinds of unoriginal shows, lacking creativity, and slapping its name on every single thing that can make money, I thought “Well, at least Disneyland is still untouched by all this ridiculousness”. I used to go to Disneyland about three times a year, little by little I become more and more disillusioned by their antics. My desire for visiting this park is dwindling away quickly.

    1. Mia

      Good. You won’t be missed.

    2. Kenneth

      By that logic, we should have the racist birds in Dumbo

  13. frostysnowman

    We wants to keep the redhead as is.

  14. anyonumus

    unnecessary simply unnecessary the original scene didn’t bother anyone we were supposed to be disgusted by it we weren’t supposed to like the pirates and since this actually makes it less accurate to the movies while the ride has some changes in 2007 to be like the movies the ride may become unfocused heck the movies weren’t even that much of family movies there like pg 13 so no one has been asking for this it wont ruin the ride its still cool but this change is no needed dismissed

  15. Daniel

    keep moving forward..the ride was made in a different time..the park should reflect positive roles for the children of the future…not uphold archaic comedy to appease fans.

    1. Oz

      You’re part of the problem.

      1. Kenneth

        The problem of not showing women as slaves?

  16. Nick

    Totally agenda driven change. “Ahoy ye feisty blackguards, we be goin’ ashore ta bid on a clock” said no pirate ever. Bad change, poor execution and a transparent rewriting of history to comply with a PC driven narrative. Bad form Disney, bad form.

  17. Nick

    Wow, this is a totally unneeded change. Obviously driven by Disneys need to screw up another time honored classic with PC culture narrative. “Ahoy ye feisty blackguards we be goin ashore ta bid on a clock”, said no pirate ever. Bad decision, poor execution. Way to drive the narrative though.

    1. Nick

      Apologies for the double post thought he first was lost

  18. Mia

    It’s truly shocking that the people complaining about the change are also the ones who can’t string together articulate, properly spelled sentences together. If you can’t manage to make a coherent comment, perhaps you should leave ride design to the bright minds of the Imagineers….

    1. Mia

      I should probably note that the “truly shocking” part of my comment was sarcasm, as I suspect it will likely go over the heads of those in question.

  19. Pirates is one of my favorite rides at Disney-love all of it! What has happened to our sense of humor in this count?? It is an amusement park-a great one-they are not making a political statement with the contents of this ride! Grow up people, and get over it!

  20. Kenneth

    It is time to remove this scene showing women as loot and slaves. Society grew past that.

    1. tony

      If you Grew past it, Then there is no need to change it. leave it alone

  21. Glitterusagi

    Not a SJW, just a normal stay-at-home mom and Disney freak. The ride has already changed a lot, on both coasts – as long as it’s done well, the new scene sounds awesome.

  22. Mario B

    Why can’t they just keep the “we wants the redhead” saying but remove the rest of the commentary and repurpose the women in the scene instead of being auctioned? The redhead can stay the way she is now. I think everyone would be better off with that.

  23. S


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