Comments for D23 to honor Iconic Marvel Comics creator Jack Kirby as Disney Legend at 2017 expo


  1. David Lawrence

    “Kirby was the one responsible for their looks. The superheroes we grew up with look the way they do because of the vision of Jack Kirby.”

    As usual, Kirby is damned with faint praise.

    Kirby is, at the barest minimum, an equal contributor to the creation of Marvel.

    He created its major characters and then presented them to Lee. He drew complete stories at his drawing table before Lee typed a single word.

    At times Lee simply added the dialogue. At time he rewrote the already drawn pages heavily. Whether for better or worse is an aesthetic judgment.

    But he didn’t create.

    I’m sure at some point in the ceremonies Lee will praise Kirby effusively for his incredible artistic vision, compliment him for bringing Lee’s characters to life so vividly.

    These will be half truths, to be generous, downplaying Kirby’s role to play up Lee’s own. And heads will nod and some will credit Lee with generosity.

    The beat goes on.

    1. Jim

      Preach on brother! Lee is nothing but a credit stealing hack who wouldn’t pay Kirby and DITKO their writing credit

    2. Well said. A common nickname for Marvel among comics pros in the late 60’s-70’s was “The House that Jack Built.” It was common insider knowledge that Jack was the idea man at Marvel. That was always Jack’s role, since he broke into the industry with Joe Simon in the late 30’s. Stan created nothing of interest before or after Jack’s decade at Marvel.

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