D23 to honor Iconic Marvel Comics creator Jack Kirby as Disney Legend at 2017 expo

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When you think of Marvel Comics creators, the first name that always comes to mind is Stan Lee. He’s the guy in all the movies and TV shows. He’s the one appearing at all the events. Lee and Marvel would not be where they are today, though, if not for Jack Kirby.

Because of his incredible accomplishments, Disney has decided to honor Kirby as a Disney Legend. He will be inducted into the prestigious group at the Disney Legend Award ceremony Friday, July 14 at the 2017 D23 Expo.

Along with Lee, Kirby had a hand in creating iconic characters such as the Fantastic Four, the X-Men and the Incredible Hulk. Kirby also had a hand in creating the star-spangled icon known as Captain America.

But while Lee may have done a lot of the writing for those characters, Kirby was the one responsible for their looks. The superheroes we grew up with look the way they do because of the vision of Jack Kirby.

The 2017 D23 Expo will be held from July 14-16 at the Anaheim Convention Center. Tickets are available now at D23.com.

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