Comments for Concept art released for potential WWE wrestling theme park


  1. Davey

    I wouldn’t​ pay to go unless it was dirt cheap, just so I could get the coaster credits. I suspect the dirt cheap pricing strategy will also be necessary to attract the core WWE fans, and centrally located within a days drive of their mobile home park. Keep in mind, TNA can’t even fill a room offering FREE tickets at Universal Orlando.

    1. Rico

      Sorry but TnA in a generic WWE, they are not equal. It’s like putting your local city’s basketball team to NBA. Lmao
      WWE fans would go to this place (if themed as a WWE Legends, current wrestlers aren’t as big as the older ones) so if they couldn’t make it to a wrestling match, especially if they implement real wrestlering stars to be there for entertainment. The biggest challenge is the location, I would say FL (Orlando or Miami) , CA (HW, LA, An. ) or GA(ATL).

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