Comments for Citing “A Matter of Principle,” Disney CEO Bob Iger Resigns from Trump Business Advisory Council


  1. Paul K

    He will continue to replace American workers with foreigners as a matter of principle too.



  2. DC fan

    Time for a new CEO who can drain the Disney swamp of Marvel and Star Wars and make Disney great again.

  3. Greg

    So it is no longer important for Iger to express his views I guess. If he is so opposed to Trump’s policies, it seems ignorant and a lost opportunity to remove his voice from the conversation.

  4. Jay Rabin

    The 23,000 likes of his ignorant tweet are the typical alt-left liberals who fail once again to do their research on political issues. The Paris agreement forced the US to give millions to India, and let China to continue polluting for 17 more years. That would be extremely uncompetitive for US, while China will continue with it’s factories. Iger used to be able to have a voice in the Trump administration, now he decided to be “politically correct” and leave his post like the average democrat.

  5. Stephen

    So I guess it’s no longer important to have a seat at the table? When someone can’t get their way and takes their toys and goes home it shows their interest was only self grandeur.

  6. tony

    I do not support CEO Bob Iger , Diseny Board members,and The lady who runs ABC, This is them Bowing down to China and china investors. They only people that matter to me at Disney are the Imagineers and Cast members Facts. This would have coast america alot of money and make American people Pay Carbon tax. i am glad president trump pulled out.

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