Comments for ABC Show “Bachelor in Paradise” suspended due to misconduct on set, rumors of cancelation and a lawsuit


  1. Shelly

    The Survivor employee needs to grow the hell up & quit looking for an opportunity to sue. Did you not know what show you were filming? DOH!

    1. Sherri

      This was not Survivor.

  2. TimP

    Bizarre. The Producer didn’t know hooking up is part of the show? Were they triggered?

    1. Jane

      It wasn’t “hooking up”, one of the most likely contestants raped a woman.

      1. verd

        Both people are drunk and the woman regrets it the next day=rape.

      2. TimP

        The Producer, not Victim, is filing suit. Did the Contestant claim rape? I haven’t heard.

  3. Marie

    It’s still no excuse for rape…If both are consenting adults, no problem….If one is non consenting, it’s rape….

  4. KC

    If the producer is filing suit, I guarantee they felt uncomfortable as the encounter looked like rape – but were told they had to keep filming. Really screwy things happen on these shows all the time.

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