Comments for 7 Main Street USA memories we miss most from Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Swan Boat Cover


  1. Jamie

    I miss the Disney move on Main st. the most.

    Even though it wasn’t main st. I really miss the cool water towers at the entrance to Tomorrow land and also 20k leagues under the sea.

    1. Mary

      Hi Jamie I have not been to disney in 20 years..I am going Nov.29th.. What will be different? Also my first time staying on the properity. Thank you Mary ..Mass

      1. dee

        so much
        has changed some of it you will like and somethings wont make you happy….

  2. richard smith

    i really miss the Sara Lee bake shop. It was always my favorite as a kid.

  3. I worked at the confectionary shop in 1974. It was a small shop with a window to watch the employees make homemade peanut brittle. That big pot was hot! I would tell the guests to buy the big bags of brittle, cause those were the homemade brittle, I miss the hat shop that was around the corner by the camera shop. And I miss the prices to enter WDW.

  4. Sammie

    Still have my snake in a can of peanuts practical joke from the Magic store!

  5. Ron

    I miss the submarine ride…

  6. MAGA Man

    I loved the Magic Shop. That was our souvenir shop of choice every time on our annual trip to WDW. The Swan Boats were always down whenever we would visit so I never had the opportunity to ride them.

  7. Garaan

    I -think- the Magic Shop still exists at Disneyland? I don’t know, I haven’t managed to go in about ten years or so now. It was always my favorite shop in the park!

  8. Roseann Simpson

    I miss the smaller shops on Main Street along with the alley way vendors with the fresh fruit for sale. Also, so much of the green spaces to sit down and relax are being taken away!

  9. I miss the cheap prices. Good grief, $3.50 for a bottle of water. Don’t go as often because of the prices.

    1. Harley

      Forget that tickets were separate but it was cheaper still. A book of tickets was $20 and parking was something like $5! Even when I was a kid it was high but not insane! To add amn incentive to buy into dvc wass 2 free admissions till 2000s like to see anything free now!

  10. Pam

    I miss all the little shops and alley ways on Main Street. I love visiting WDW (I even bought a house near by) but with Disney catering to the rich, I can’t afford to visit as often as I want (we use to visit 3-4 times a year).

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