Comments for 3 Female Superheroes that Deserve their Own Movies, Following Wonder Woman’s Critical Success


  1. Tom JK

    She-Hulk would be a great addition to the MCU! I’d see that. Echo sounds like a good one with strong potential. Spider-Woman, however, I’m not so sure. It depends on who’s working on it. Otherwise, she sadly sounds boring.

    How about a Katana film? She was basically one of the best characters from “Suicide Squad.” That is something I’d definitely see. Make it like a Kill Bill-type story.

  2. Paul K

    Nope. The female superheroes cannot appear to take the former male roles. It reeks of political correctness. There’s lots of potential with Electra as portrayed in Netflix Daredevil. Wasp as the companion to Ant-Man. Actually the Ant-Man and Wasp movie is coming in 2018. It won’t be hard to find the right female superhero character.

  3. Jay Rabin

    No one is going to comment how the anti-semetic BDS movement stopped Lebanon from showing Wonder Woman because she is Israeli? It’s interesting how the alt-left media refused to air any news about what happened.

    1. Frostysnowman

      I think you meant to put this comment on Brietbart rather than a site about theme parks and movies.

      1. Jay Rabin

        Insidethemagic has tons of anti-trump posts. I would recommend you start interning at CNN as both of you have extreme left ideology and anti-semetic attitudes.

  4. I think these female superheroes are quite interesting, they also have power like male superheroes. I am looking forward to watching the film about them.

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