VIDEO: Peek inside Deep Blue Creative, as SeaWorld’s new theme park design studio talks Kraken Unleashed

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Get ready to dive deep on SeaWorld’s newest VR attraction “Kraken Unleashed.”

This morning SeaWorld went live on Facebook from their Corporate Headquarters to discuss Kraken Unleashed with a one of the designers behind the attraction, Brian Morrow, and Park President, Jim Dean.

The video opened with models of the new attraction and a quick tour of the Deep Blue Creative design center, where all of SeaWorld’s newest attractions and rides are created. Then the stream transitioned into discussing the new VR underwater adventure.


As soon as guests put on their VR headsets and strap into the ride’s restraints, they are taken on an under-the-sea quest. The VR headset transports riders into a submarine that carries them below the sea into an ocean environment. This submarine then takes riders into a crack at the bottom of the ocean where they start their aquatic adventure.

In the video Marrow and Dean also tease the new line system that will be featured for the ride. As soon as guests enter the park they can immediately secure their spot in line for the ride. With this new queue, it is expected that no guest will wait longer than twenty minutes in the physical line for the ride.

Kraken Unleashed will let SeaWord guests explore the deep blue seas starting June 16th. 


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