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  1. Craig K

    Absolutely, I’m sad. Wishes has been a part of my Disney love for as long as I remember going to the parks. Thank goodness I have the soundtrack!

  2. Happily Ever After is good but Disney Dreams in Paris still tops it off.
    The show still seems to lag a certain “smoothness” what i am sure will be there in a couple of weeks.

    Some firework cues are placed a little weird in my opinion, theyre not as “pushy” as they are in Paris. Also synchronisation is still a bit off on some pyrotechnics, what i believe they will fix sooner or later, specially for some single shots, the shells in the background are all very nicely placed. But still i have a feeling that they chosed other “moments” for firing pyro then Disney used to do… It feels like they have a differend developer crew as they used to have. Musicwise the song is pretty catchy and a typical Disney soundtrack though but specially in the beginning a certain dynamic is missing, mapping is to static for the beginning of a Disney show, i preferred starting with a dark castle and building it up and up and up like Disney always used to do, then even topping it off with even more.. I am missing that combination of laser and video projection mapping what makes a terrific effect specially at the beginning sequence where the golden star streams are running over the castle. The beginning resembles to much of “Tomorrowland” as they used the same color patterns (red, orange and yellow laser beams)
    Falcon beams are nicely used and cued. All in all its a good piece of work, but could even be more effective if they would shoft or change some cues of fireworks and effects that i believe they will do in the future…

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