Comments for A Proliferation of Puzzles: Tracking the Emergence and Explosive Growth of the Escape Room Phenomenon


  1. Kenneth Cox

    Escape rooms are GREAT. In the Orlando area, some of the best ones are at Escapology, The Escape Game, America’s Escape Game and It’s A Trap. Once you do one, you will seriously get hooked. Groupon often has deals for escape rooms so keep an eye out there.

  2. Nice historical overview! I love that escape rooms keep adapting over time and are so different from the original Japanese game. I have played single room games, but now there are also escape rooms where players are in separate rooms giving each other clues through a wall. The size of escape room companies are growing so much too-I have even been to an escape hotel!

  3. My friend suggested that we go and play an escape room, but I had no idea what one was so I decided to do a little research! I find it super interesting that the first one was opened in Japan and now has spread across the world! They seem like a lot of fun! I will definitely have to check one out with my friend! Thank you for the information about escape rooms!

  4. Nadiia Shatylo

    Yes, the escape room is a lot of fun!
    The main thing is that they were made qualitatively. Therefore, if you are going to open your own escape room, you should do your best. Or you can order some of the works from professionals. For example, a scenario. Very good scenarios write super-escape-room.com

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