Comments for PHOTOS: Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission BREAKOUT! queue pays tribute to Tower of Terror


  1. Kendall Slack

    Anyone else notice Delores the octopus from Country Bear Vacation Hoedown? Pretty sure that’s her in the opposite corner from Harold the Yeti. The picture showing the portrait from Tower of Terror shows a slightly better view.

  2. Garaan

    Dang. You know, I wouldn’t mind an hour long queue if the line was this much eye candy. They really outdid themselves, and the little extras like the iris of the Warlock’s Eye moving and the Ultron unit still trying to activate are especially nice. I could probably spend a good 20m just in the Collector’s office though I doubt they give you enough time in that room to actually look at everything. Given how brief the actual ride is (as this one lacks the space of the FL preshow version), I’m inclined to think the imagineers decided to make the queue as much of the ‘ride experience’ as they possibly could. A very good decision.

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