PHOTOS: Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission BREAKOUT! queue pays tribute to Tower of Terror

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Disney California Adventure’s new ride “Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission BREAKOUT!” has opened to much fanfare. Park guests are praising the thrilling new attraction as they ride it again and again.

Perhaps just as impressive as the ride itself, is the queue. There is no shortage of things to see as you wait in line. The Collector’s fortress is jam packed with Marvel artifacts, Disney easter eggs and of course, tributes to the previous tenants of the building.

The new ride famously replaced the “Twilight Zone Tower of Terror,” which closed back in January. It did not do so without paying homage to the old ride however. Several pieces from the old Hollywood Tower Hotel can be found throughout the queue.

In the Collector’s office, guests can find a hat from one of the bellhops that used to load doomed guests into their treacherous elevators. Guests also might see a bookmark with the logo from the cursed old hotel.

In the boiler room, guests can also find an old portrait from the Hollywood Tower Hotel. These ominous reminders may make you think you’re still stepping into the Twilight Zone as you board the ride.

WATCH a tour of the Collector’s fortress:

“Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission BREAKOUT!” is now open to any guest that wants to help Rocket Raccoon rescue the Guardians!

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