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    Hard to imagine two roller coasters side-by-side at MK, but hey, I’m game to go along with this rumor for a while!

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      Ryan S

      It would be MKP’s fifth coaster too… Five coasters in one Disney park. Whoa.

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      splash mountain is next to Thunder mountain

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    Ryan S

    Wreck it Ralph? Yes please! Tron coaster? Laaaame. Shanghai’s got way too much undeserved a hype for an otherwise average coaster ride.

    Just update Speedway into a Cars themed ride (since Orlando isn’t getting anything Cars for at least a decade). It’s not that Speedway is just a classic, it is that Speedway is the first type of vehicle many children ever drive. In fact, we have multigenerational families now where mom and dad and grandparents get to share with their kids their first time driving (even if it’s 2 feet before you hit the guide).

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    Drew Burningham

    I think they should turn the speedway into Sugar Rush speedway

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      Such a great idea!!

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    Cars (and it’s Land) fits really well into DCA’s conceits but not so well into Magic Kingdom. I mean… cars aren’t very futuristic, on the whole. However! Putting a Cars-TYPE ride into Tomorrowland would be excellent. I say do the Wreck-it Ralph ride in Cars fashion, with the vehicles being the candy cars from Vanellope’s game. Part dark ride, part thrill. It’d be GREAT, and it’d let DCA keep its unique version while giving MK its own.

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      Ryan S

      Was the old Sky Ride very futuristic when it had a station in Tomorrowland? Is current Tomorrowland Speedway very futuristic? Speedway can easily be reconsidered part of Fantasyland, since most of it is geographically closer to Fantasyland/old Toontown…. Especially if you also build into the empty area behind it. Speedway just straddles Cosmic Rays, which can easily be solved with a barrier to divide the two.

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    why are they taking all the good old rides out? when i go there is a very long wait for the speedway!!! why end it when it is very much a needed ride!!!! disney i would think twice about that…

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    They want to add a coaster that’s fine but there is room north of Space Mountain. The speedway is an icon and needs to stay.

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    The Speedway may be an icon, but the fumes are beyond awful, and the entire thing needs to be overhauled. I think it should be skinned with either Tron or Sugar Rush and converted entirely to electric cars. This would keep with the scifi theme of Tomorrowland while also solving the problems of an attraction that’s a literal health hazard.

    If Disney reboots the Tron franchise rather than do a proper third sequel, I will never forgive them. The original should never, ever be touched.

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      I love the idea of making the Speedway cars electric!

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    Keep the Speedway, add the Tron coaster elsewhere in Tomorrowland. There’s plenty of room. The Speedway is too popular to get rid of, in my opinion. And it’s a great family ride.

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    Jeany Sanchez

    I think that is awesome idea! I love it!

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    No!!!Es un clásico, no puede desaparecer.

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