Comments for Cast Costumes for Pandora tell story in 3 layers, new land boosts economic development in Central Florida


  1. Julia P.

    Whelp. Those are ugly. Especially those “hawaiian print” shirts. WTH?

    1. tony

      JuliaP, the Actor Joel David Moore who plays Norman Spellman. His Character Wears those type of shirt in the Avatar Movie. Disney is just adding their own design to it.

  2. tony

    The Cargo Syle Pants they got right. The Scientist do wear those style pants. My complain is on the Ride operator shirts. They should have used Cargo style Shirts like in the movie, instead of a Silk shirts . The Colors should be kept to a light Blue or light Grey , But the Bright Colors Represents Disneys Vision of blending into the color Scenery . Thats why they chose bright colors.

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