Comments for Marvel Claims Diversity Caused Decline in Comic Sales


  1. Aaron

    It’s not about diversity. It’s about changes to core characters and/or the lack of originality inherent in introducing these new characters. Why do we need another Hulk, another Spider-man, another Iron Man, etc.? Make new characters completely new and stop messing with established, classic, marketable characters. The drop in sales is due to Marvel messing around with the properties that fans with money want to continue to enjoy–and likely due to a disconnect between the world that new fans see in the movies and the world Marvel presents in the comics.

  2. Garaan

    I also agree that it’s not ‘diversity’, it’s the constant rehashing of old content. It’s not that people wouldn’t welcome a black, or Asian, or whatever character, but they don’t want to see a character they’ve grown up with turned suddenly into a stranger. Marvel’s always been the most egregious with the reboots too. Just do something ELSE, for crying out loud, the world doesn’t need another X-Men Revision New Universe Extra Hyper-World Crossover (NOW WITH NEW EXTRA UNIVERSES AU).

  3. DoomOne

    I think what’s at issue here isn’t “diversity”, but rather the fact that there are THREE THORS right now. I don’t know how many Hulks. Iron Man is a lady now, but Tony Stark is still there too? Multiple Spider-Men and Spider-Women. Honestly, it all reads like they’re just trying to check boxes on a diversity spreadsheet. Then, there are the constant reboots and universe meshes.

    It’s all confusing and too much to keep track of. I used to like to read comics, but since they’ve been mixing it up so much lately, I’ve thrown in the towel.

    Keep the classic characters as they are. Introduce new ones and have them actually MATTER. I don’t care about Lady Thor because I know that Classic Thor will someday just become “Worthy” again and we’ve all wasted our time.

  4. Crowe H

    I’m afraid he’s right with Marvel pushing the liberal agenda it would surely backfire as people DO notice these days. Nobody is against colored characters it’s Marvel contempt for original White characters that is to blame like how can you make Heimdal from Thor an African character and he’s Norse…I mean we all want diversity but not when your trampling over original characters that were White it’s ridiculous and racist. I would love to see brand new characters that are Black etc than replacing a original hero or villian. Leave my characters alone then I’ll buy your comic…simple logic.

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