Comments for Lost Theme Parks: Six Flags New Orleans / Jazzland


  1. Kyle Wilson

    I live near the old jazzland/ six flags. It’s sad to see this area of land sitting there rotting. I went there a few times when it was open. I pass by it a lot. Hopefully one day someone will do something with it and make it a park again. There is no really family things to do in new Orleans.

  2. Alky

    I went there in October of ’04 when it was Six Flags, wasn’t the biggest park but it was pretty cool. Would love it to become a working park again and expand.

  3. Justin

    I had season passes every year this park was open. It was awesome. Jocko’s Mardi Gras Madness was the best. I have so many great memories. I’d love it if someone brought the Jazzland part back.


    Wow! I Wish this was reopend After hurricane Katrina!


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