Comments for INSIDE LOOK: Windtraders store integrates story into merchandise for ‘Pandora – The World of Avatar’ at Walt Disney World


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    How much do the Banshees cost?

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      Only 3 ounces of Unobtanium

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    James Forest

    The banshees have a 50 dollar “adoption fee.” Cast memebers get a 10 percent discount.

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      kassie hernandez

      we were told that cast members and annual pass holders did not get any discounts. Pandora World of Avatar is just awesome. Worth every bit the wait for the last 3 years watching it go up. The river ride is worth it, however, make sure you can fit in the Banshee ride before waiting 2 to 3 hours in line. This ride was built for an average size person only. If you are really large or really tall, you will not fit and not be allowed on. So check before you wait. Just ask any quest service person to show you the seat as they have one outside under the floating mountain. They are not that great about telling you this up front and many people waiting over 3 hours on the opening weekend only to be turned away once they were at the intrance of the ride. So check before you wait.

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    When it officially opens will we be able to order the banshees online?

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    How much are the tails?

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    Can you buy the banshees online?

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    How much do the Banshees cost, and do cast members get discounts?

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    How much are the banshees and do cast members get discounts?

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