INSIDE LOOK: Windtraders store integrates story into merchandise for ‘Pandora – The World of Avatar’ at Walt Disney World

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With an emphasis on immersive storytelling, even a store isn’t just a store in Walt Disney World’s new Pandora – The World of Avatar. When guests first step into the Windtraders store in this expansion of Disney’s Animal Kingdom next month, they’ll find more than a few souvenirs to bring home.

Inside, amidst a wide array of T-shirts, plushes, figurines, and other collectibles and apparel, Pandora visitors will come across three merchandise experiences specific to this new land.


The biggest draw to Windtraders is the tiny mechanical banshee pet you can purchase to sit and live on your shoulder. Banshees are a big part of the story of the Na’vi, the natives of Pandora, and it’s a big deal for anyone to link to one. In this case, it doesn’t take much to get and command your own. Just pick out the color scheme you want from the many on display and one of Pandora’s locals will guide you through a small ceremony that officially makes the new pet yours. From there, a “leash” allows you to control a few movements via a small tethered hand unit, making its head move back and forth, wings flap, and so forth.

In a separate in-store experience, guests can also make their own custom Na’vi action figure with a vague resemblance to themselves. After making a reservation, a quick scan is done of your face, after which you can choose from a variety of Na’vi facial features and apparel accessories that most closely match yourself and your personality. It costs around $70 for a roughly 10″ tall custom action figure that you can call your own.

The last in-store interactive merchandise moment comes in a more familiar form, allowing guests to select a variety of colorful beads and rocks to create their own Pandora native necklaces.


Throughout Windtraders, “Avatar” fans will find no shortage of ways of showing their love of the franchise, with Na’vi costume-like T-shirts, walking sticks, and even long blue tails to wear.

Those who aren’t as connected to “Avatar” but still love Disney’s Pandora area will find plenty of attractive merchandise that subtly represents the land in a fashionable way.

Of course, those who want to go the extra mile and truly appear to be one of the Na’vi can engage in Colors of Mo’ara face painting outside, choosing from one of many blue-faced designs.

Fans can grab their favorite merch when Pandora – The World of Avatar when it officially opens on May 27 at Walt Disney World.

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(Video and additional reporting by Ricky Brigante)

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