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Avatar Flight of Passage


  1. Tessa

    Hello! Do you feel the Flight of Passage ride poses any threats for passengers who may be pregnant? I haven’t seen anything listed for this ride (health concerns or limitation-wise) other than the height requirement yet. Thank you!

    1. John

      Wait till the baby is born. You won’t be able to ride it.

  2. Jeff W

    Great article, JL! Thanks for bringing us the scoop this weekend. I’m so relieved this seems to be a success. With all of that time and planning that went into this project, any failure would be magnified. Great writing as always!

  3. Vontaxe

    Are there a lot of large drops?

    1. John


  4. YenSid

    I hear if you have big legs or are tall…you won’t fit in the contraption. Large numbers of people being turned away during the cast previews is the word.

  5. Garaan

    I find myself wondering about people that are heavy. What’s the ‘fatness limit’ on these things? Like it or not, a lot of America is overweight, and you’d think making their Big Expensive Attraction unavailable to a large segment of the population would be inadvisable.

    1. Pat

      Too many Americans are FAT by choice, it’s not a disability. You’re too fat to ride, so be it, TBH. Stop eating so much, exercise, and visit Disney another time to ride this attraction.

      1. Kate

        Some people can’t help being so tall and they got turned down to this ride because their legs are too big. I feel like disney should try to accommodate all people.

      2. John

        And some Americans are idiots by birth. Looks like you’re included Pat. While I agree that many Americans are overweight, you’re ignorance should eliminate you from just about everything.

      3. John

        And some Americans are idiots by birth. Looks like you’re included Pat. While I agree that many Americans are overweight, your ignorance probably eliminates you from pretty much, everything.

      4. Sarah

        Being over wieght is an illness as well as a choice. I have had 3 children and used to be 120lb before i had them and am now 220, i am fat. I activley try to loose weight, it is difficult to accomplish, my body is just not the same anymore. I fear y thyroid is to blame, my grandmother had her tyroid removed because of canser. Her story is similar to mine. Skinny all her life had 4 kids now is considard fat. Illness is not a game. Overeating is not always the problem, our bodys change and age, matabolism decreases and pragnancy can compleatly change you forever.

    2. Heather

      I’m considerably overweight and had no issues with the ride.

      1. Ellen

        Is there a weight limit that you know of or a hight limit? Would hate to get to the line and not be able to ride.

  6. Brian

    I am prone to motion sickness. That said, I absolutely love Soarin, and have no problem with it. However, Star Tours literally eats me alive. I can’t even ride it anymore because it’s too jerky. Do you think I have a chance with FoP, or should I skip it? We have a FP, and I really want to experience this with my son, but I’m afraid it will make me sick. Thoughts?

  7. Holly

    SO I absolutely LOVE soarin. It is my favorite ride.
    BUT I hate roller coasters.
    How is this ride?

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