Comments for In Disney’s Star Wars Land, your choices will matter – on rides and throughout the fully interactive theme park expansion


  1. Kitty

    I’m not sure how I feel about this yet. Harry Potter is a world where you imagine yourself to be a wizard among them and the interactions and spell-casting enhances the “magical” experience. Star Wars is more of an adventure I love to watch but have no desire to be a part of (its kind of a war torn mess with no hope of a happy ending).

    Anyway, I trust the Imagineers have something interesting here. But to be honest, I’m more excited to notice that Ricky Brigante is writing for ITM again.

  2. Elizabeth

    I wonder how this will be implemented in Disneyland’s version of the land though since they don’t have Magic Bands… Unless they’re planning on introducing them to that resort soon.

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