Comments for New Disney Fashion Line may change the way guests dress for the parks


  1. Emily

    The parks are still a little too windy for me to feel comfortable wearing a dress…at least without leggings or something.

    1. Uniqlo has AMAZING Leggings.

  2. Bethany

    I am quilter. I just want the awesome fabric!

  3. Maria Vazquez

    We’ve been dressing up to go to the parks for years. Not sure ho this store is going to change how I dress for the park. Already have Orange bird and Tower of Terror dapper dresses. This is nice to have, though. But I made mine from scratch.

    Will go check it out!

  4. Garaan

    My deduction is that it also won’t have any capacity to handle anyone over like a size 12. I’m always /grossly/ disappointed in these ‘fashion’ shops that like to pretend anyone that isn’t rail thin isn’t worth selling clothing to.

    1. Diane

      The Disney Parks Blog said select styles will be available up to 3XL.

      1. Amy

        A real size 3XL or a “Disney 3XL” because their sizes always run small.

  5. Krisna

    I wonder if they make ’em in the bigger sizes. Sadly, I doubt it. That is one main issue I have with Disney clothing. The manufacturers seem to forget that not all their fans are ‘princess sized’.

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