Comments for Disney’s “Frozen” producer reveals the original movie ending was darker


  1. TimP

    The original story had the Snow Queen kidnap the brother of the girl that went searching for him. Why did Disney think it was a good story to adapt? It never was until they changed it significantly. It was a cold story and no real redeeming values except for the tenacity of the girl to search for her brother. The Snow Queen was a cold angry woman.

  2. Garaan

    Frankly, pretty much every fairy tale Disney has adapted originates from a ‘darker’ place. Pinnochio kills Jiminy Cricket in the story, the Little Mermaid is downright traumatic in a lot of places (oh, and she dies at the end), Cinderella’s sisters hack off pieces of their feet so they can fit in the shoe… fairy tales are not for the squeamish.

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