Comments for “Foolish Mortals” Haunted Mansion Documentary: A conversation with its creators on covering this classic attraction’s fandom

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  1. Fascinating interview. I hope this film went well. I was one of the original four Audio-Animatronic artists at the Magic Kingdom in the 70’s. Our studio was behind “It’s a Small World” and I was there when the glass was shattered, removed and replaced after two bullet holes and a ball bearing(slingshot) hole, and then the glass cracked when something was thrown at the glass and hit one of the bullet holes.

    Marc Davis and Wathel Rogers were our “Bosses” from the Studios. I replaced Leota Toombs in January 1976 after she was done training the other three artists and they realized they needed four artists to do the work.

    My wife and I have three books out on our careers at Disney. My chapters are often humorous involving work inside the attractions our studio.

    In any case, I hope the film they did for the fans is good.

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