Comments for Highly-praised “X-Men” spinoff TV series “Legion” renewed for second season by FX


  1. TimP

    I’ve been watching it, but it’s rather a hard series to follow in terms of how weird and dark the storylines are. I didn’t get to Episode 4 yet. I stopped watching Luke Cage at Episode 3. I gave up on Jessica Jones on Episode 6. I did finish watching Daredevil’s 2 seasons. That was really hard to get through. Can’t we get some lighter fare? Agents of Shield is slightly better, but it is equally heavy on the killings and mayhem. They are now reduced to playing video games in their head via the Framework.

    1. Mike Celestino

      “Legion” is definitely dark, but it’s been worth it to me. This last episode (Chapter 5) was my favorite so far.

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