Comments for VIDEO: Disney launches Club Penguin Island mobile app to replace Club Penguin game network


  1. It’s too bad that Disney continues to implement a “pirate-y” theme into every (trending) game-platform they deem as important considering back in 2012 & 2013, Disney chose to ignore some 3,000+ signatures acquired to petition Disney alone to keep such a game open because of said interest. RIP “Pirates of the Caribbean Online,” shuttered by Disney on September 19, 2013.
    ~ CP fans, sorry for your loss but Disney wants you to enjoy OUR island-quest adventures!

    1. DoinkyDuck

      Shamus, Disney hasn’t implemented a “pirate-y” theme. The intro tutorial links to how players travel from the old CP to the new CPI – by travelling with Rockhopper on his ship. You know, Rockhopper, the pirate who has been with the game since 2005. Way before Pirates of the Caribbean Online.

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