Comments for VIDEO: Batman reveals he’s Bruce Wayne… ‘s roommate in new “Lego Batman Movie” promo

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  1. EricJ

    EricJ wrote:
    “Mike…you’re DOING it again, and you danged well know it.”

    Mike Celestino wrote:
    “That’s right, I’m writing about a movie we’re all excited about! Aren’t you, folks? Tell us your opinion!”

    1. Mike Celestino

      It’s all for you, Damien.

  2. Anon

    LMAO – both at the movie (looks fun; cannot wait to watch) DARKNESS, NO FAMILY!! Batman is back!

    And at Eric – the poor fanboy who gets buthurt every time there is NOT a Disney or “theme park” thing on here.

    Here’s a tip: Don’t read it!
    If it does not interest you, no one is forcing you to read it. There’s no need to be an ass about it. I do not think the webiste was written just for you.

    1. EricJ

      Well, yeah, would be “just me”, except…Go look at last year’s “Ten Most Viewed Videos” site, and count, er, how many non-Orlando-theme-park Batman, videogame or upcoming geek-horror-movie article clips made the Top Ten.
      (I have it at sort of zero-ish, but I may have miscounted.

      Yeah, I know it’s just courtesy: Nobody likes to be told “YOU’RE the freak.”

  3. Anon

    Like I said you don’t have to read what you don’t want to – so its kind of difficult to feel for your tragic loss in seeing stuff you don’t like.

    I’m sorry you felt being called an ass is akin to a freak (apologies to any freaks out there). But seriously – do you not have anything better to do than whine and cry when you see stuff you don’t like on a page you don’t own? Wow.

    Not everything is going to appeal to everyone, but you probably wouldnt understand (or care) based on past comments you’ve made. If you don’t like a topic don’t read it dumbass – maybe your butthurt will be less.

    Oh wait, you are the champion for what you think is perfect – so go start your own page then? Jackass

    1. EricJ

      Let’s just say, most of us liked the site better when Ricky actually WORKED for Orlando Attractions Magazine, and didn’t go off and put on a sheet to play around haunted houses…

      (No, seriously, is it some Florida-man thing, and -every single resident- in Orlando is geek-obsessed with horror movies 24/7? Is it just some basic frustration about living in the state?)

      1. EricJ

        Well, yes, I DO remember joining some snail-mail campaigns begging networks to cancel some desperately jumped-shark series that had gone off the rails–Of course, that was back in the days before the Internet.
        That’s probably what sprang to mind when Adam made his first big “It’s -our- site now, and it’s going to be about REALLY COOL STUFF!” column.

  4. Anon

    the bottom line: don’t be an ass – I’m sure these guys work hard to bring a wide range stuff to appeal to a wider amount of people. Berating them for doing that is just lame. period.

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