New “Happily Ever After” fireworks show to replace “Wishes” at Walt Disney World

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“Wishes,” the popular firework spectacular that has run at the Magic Kingdom since October 2003, will show for the last time on May 11, 2017. In its stead will be a new show called “Happily Ever After” that will feature fireworks, projections, and lasers.

Disney’s official website describes the nighttime display as an 18-minute presentation in which there will be more lights, lasers, and projections than any other firework show in the Magic Kingdom’s history. It also emphasizes that castle transformations will be a large part of the presentation as the regal structure pushes along a story that connects many of Disney’s most popular animated films.

The animated films to be included are:

  • Aladdin
  • Beauty and the Beas
  • Frozen
  • The Lion King
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Moana
  • Peter Pan
  • The Princess and the Frog
  • Toy Story

A new soundtrack for the show has been described on Disney’s official website as “a stirring score featuring contemporary versions of popular Disney songs.”

As far as how it all comes together, we’ll just have to wait until May. What is certain is that with the incredible popularity of “Wishes,” this show has big shoes to fill.

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  1. Brycyn Helton

    I’m kind of sad wishes is ending, but excited for this new show!!

  2. Ryan Serowinski

    Oh boy, looks like a new show to check out! Hope Tangled will be in there to join these classics! since it’s NOT in the other nighttime show.

    1. Belle D'Clair

      I feel the same way. #MixedFeelings

  3. Cassie

    I’ve been saying for years that MK needed a new fireworks show and Disney is finally delivering! I’m very excited to see the new show and I like how they’re including newer movies like Moana and Zootopia.

  4. Kenneth Cox

    Love Wishes..but it is certainly time for a new show! I’m all for it.

  5. Dylan

    So excited for this new show, I love wishes but I always thought Disney could do better, my only concern is will Tinker bell still fly?

  6. Becky

    But will Tink still fly? That’s the important question…..

  7. I am absolutely DEVASTATED that wishes is being cancelled!!! I have watched that show since I was a kid and think the show should stay!!! Wishes is how I end my day at the park every night I’m there, I AM SO VERY SAD!!!

  8. Jamilla

    It sounds like they are moving toward a show similar to Disneyland. I’m glad because that show is spectacular!!

  9. catie

    I am absolutely devastated. Wishes is such a phenomenal show and I have no clue how it could be topped. Not only was it visually stunning, but it was heart touching. I hope that this show is able to meet the incredibly high standards that have been set!

  10. Alice Lowndes

    I can’t help seeing “more lights, lasers, and projections than any other firework show in the Magic Kingdom’s history” as implying – fewer fireworks? the expensive bit of the nightly performances?

    “Wishes” is such a classic though – I wonder if I can find the music…


  1. Wishes – Noted By Nat

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