Comments for Disney Creates Wireless Power Source, Able to Charge a Mobile Phone Anywhere in a Room


  1. William

    Yeah, Disney didn’t create this technology so you’re headline is completely false and misleading. Disney research is less of a scientific research center and more of a small team that goes out and finds technology that other people are working on. If the technology might have a practical impact for the business they invest some money in the other companies doing the research in exchange for slapping a “Disney Research” sticker on someone else’s work. Disney didn’t create this technology. A quick YouTube or google search of wireless charging technologies would tell you that.

    1. Jim

      How would Disney know to pay the author if Disney isn’t credited?

    2. Matthew Speicher

      fake news. sad.

    3. Aly

      I mean like….other people may have come up with the same concept, but I’m sure Disney DID invent their own technology around the same concept.

  2. Jon

    That tone at the end. What is it. Need for wake up alarm.

  3. Fred

    “Disney’s parks one day being populated by free-roaming Audio-Animatronics figures, able to run throughout the day via wireless power sources.”

    uhhhh…no thank you. I’ve seen how this story ends.

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