Comments for Disney CEO Bob Iger May Extend Tenure With the Walt Disney Company for Third Time


  1. Annette plaisted

    I do not like what h did to his loyal people that work at Disney world pretty sad

  2. Royce

    No surprise. Funny, they’ve chased everyone away, and they pretend that they have “ample time” —- Why wouldn’t they have brought in someone two years ago, or last year, or even this year – and start the process? —- The REAL reason is being kept from the public/shareholders. — Did you notice that this year’s 2017 shareholder meeting is back to Denver Colorado? Due to the snow, this is what Eisner did with which to keep people from attending the shareholder meeting. —– In Eisner’s master plan – Bob Iger will remain year after year – probably until they can bring Eisner’s son (probably Breck or Eric) into the company. —

  3. Oscar

    I Thought i heard that Disney is going to buy Netflix, making Reed Hastings as the next CEO

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