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  1. Angela Schmidt

    I wish Disney World Fastpass was still like this. I hate advanced planning of everything. I also hate how some fastpasses are gone 60 days in advance. This sounds like a perfect use of the online fastpass system, but you actually have to be there to use it which stops fastpass hording.

    1. Lauren

      On the contrary, the WDW system is more fair with its tiered attraction reservation system. You can’t hoard FPs the way the system works. I much prefer it to DLR (which was really being abused by people taking up FPs and selling them). But this MapxPass has little advantage to the system in place. Other than not physically having to walk to the FP kiosks, there is no real reason to pay to use this. I was hoping they’d wise up and let guests at least book FP from a phone outside the parks the day of a valid ticket, but nope, it doesn’t. Therefore, the DLR system continues to only benefit early park goers and ignore people who come later in the day (like my family…when most of the FP are gone). Buying Photopass for our trip is much less than paying $40 a day for 4 people. The MaxPass is mostly useless to us, so we won’t bother with it.

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