Comments for UPDATED: Paddlefish restaurant reveals new opening date, tasty-looking menu items at Walt Disney World


Credit: Disney


  1. Melissa

    I have been checking since September 2016 to see when the new Paddlefish would be scheduled to open, as it was originally supposed to be Fall of 2016. With Fall long gone and already well into Winter, I was wondering if they were gonna still be closed by the time my fiancé Bob and I go down on March 2 to get married in Disney. Fultons was a big favorite of ours, and although we’re sad to see it go, we’ve been anxiously awaiting the new Paddlefish opening and hoping some of our “Fultons” favorites will still be on the menu, like the lobster corn dogs yummm. We can’t wait to get down there from upstate NY and have an incredible time there for our wedding and honeymoon….Paddlefish will definitely be a stop we’ll be making while there for 2 weeks ?

    1. Katie

      Yes, they will be opened.

  2. Gary Guear

    Still like the original name. “Lucy Evelyn”. Named after Walt’s wife. Time moves on and I’m sure that the menu and service will still be the best.

    1. Katie

      His wife’s name was Lillian AKA Lilly

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