Comments for New Fan Petition Launched for Princess Leia to Be Inducted as an Official Disney Princess


  1. frostysnowman

    Argh!! No! No, no, no, no, no.

  2. Okidoki

    Absolutely not.

  3. Kenny

    This is a emotional reaction to the tragic lost of Carrie Fisher. Disney should spectate the traditional Disney from Star Wars. They both have a place at Disney. I know it’s all about making money and they are great capitalist. They can provide both and still pull in millions for their stockholders and progressive socialist causes.

    1. What?

      You use Capitalist and Socialist in the same thought. Do you know what they mean? It’s not about the money, it’s about rules and governance of process. If she doesn’t fit within the defined rules, then no. Once you break the rules, you end up with Ms Piggy as a Disney Princess.

  4. EricJ

    So, this would be like the “Put Reagan on the $20 Bill!” movement, where we all make a big petition stunt to show how much we gush over the Recently Dead Person?

    I liked Leia (at least with the buns, not the Empire braids), but I have enough trouble trying to reconcile Merida and Elena as “Disney Princesses”.
    What we basically have here is fans bending over backwards to put a nice, good, respectful face on their nagging bugaboo obsession with “Lucas belongs to the Mouse!”, which doesn’t take such nice forms all the rest of the year…Get over it, fanboys, the rest of us have. And Rebels, Rogue One and Force Awakens didn’t turn out to be so bad AFTER all, now, did they?

    1. EricJ

      Oh and:
      “(though I’m not opposed to seeing Princess Leia and the rest of the gang hang out at the upcoming Star Wars Land)”

      Yeah, and I haven’t minded seeing Carrie Fisher lookalikes as the Ep. IV Leia hang out at Hollywood Studios’ Star Wars Weekends for the LAST TWENTY YEARS, either… 😉
      Did whatever Disney-bugaboo’ing Lucas fan who started the petition seriously not do their research, here?

  5. reagan

    they already put merida in the princess line up. plus i heard they’re gonna alana so i dont see why not since they already screwed it up

  6. Oscar

    Maybe is that okay, if Princess Leia should belong to the Star Wars franchise, separate from Disney Princess.

    In my opinion, If Disney purchase Winx Club, Their franchise should be separate from the Disney Princess franchise.

  7. Jacob Woodley

    I’m saying yes. I think it’s a smashing idea. ^_^

  8. Mary Jane Gantley

    No way. This is a knee jerk reaction but makes no sense. Let Disney be Disney. Star Wars is its own…

  9. Joey Grow

    If she is not an official Disney princess her merchandising, park appearances (anywhere on property) are diminished to not take away from the official princesses. It’s part of why they inducted the Avalor princess.

    She is every bit a princess that -should- be represented.

  10. Rosaline

    She did not start out as a Disney princess or an animation and Star Wars was recently bought by Disney so in my opinion she does not fit in as one of the girls

  11. alex

    add leia after they add Anna, Elsa, and Moana to the Group

  12. ChynnaBlue

    Carrie Fisher fought against everything that Disney princesses represent. She fought against the ideas that women have to look a certain way or be young to be considered beautiful or valued. She would have been horrified to be portrayed as a woman whose eyes are larger than her wrist. The Disney princesses are the antithesis of Carrie Fisher. This is not a tribute to Carrie Fisher, this is an insult.

    1. frostysnowman

      Agree 100%!!

  13. isabelle

    NO. Just no. I have had this argument with people who are huge Star Wars fans since Disney bought the rights. If Anna (& possibly Elsa) are not Official Princesses (even though if Elsa was added she would be the first Official Disney Princess whose title is queen) Leia doesn’t deserve it either. THERE ARE RULES TO BE ADDED TO THE OFFICIAL LINEUP. In my opinion, Leia should be added to the list of Unofficial Princesses, like Anna (& Elsa +more). the reason why Anna (& Elsa) aren’t in the official line up is because Frozen does so well as a franchise that they don’t need to be part of the lineup. Star Wars does very well on their franchise too, so she should be added there, on top of that she doesn’t meet the qualifications that other Disney Princesses have to be on that list. Carrie’s sad passing should have NOTHING to do with her being added to the official lineup, Leia doesn’t meet the qualifications end of story.

    1. EricJ

      Technically, the reason Anna & Elsa didn’t get their “royal Disney Princess coronation” like Tiana and Merida did is that, if you want to nitpick details, QUEEN Elsa isn’t a princess.
      They also have official corporate answers to fans who ask why Eilonwy, Giselle and Kida aren’t princesses, and Mulan and Pocahontas “are”.
      They know their business, and fans don’t. Let’s leave it -happily- at that.

  14. Mario B

    This is a bit sketchy, but Disney owns rights to Star Wars, so it’s their call.

    1. EricJ

      And if they want to say “Disney is Disney, and Lucas is Lucas”, the same way they do with Pixar and Marvel’s independence (which, you may recall, is why Big Hero 6 worked so hard to tell us it -wasn’t- “a Marvel movie”), that’s their call, too.
      And quite a sensible one at that, I might add.

  15. Baeijina

    Disney will never.

    Slave Princess Leia getting ogled by sloppy fat Jabba. All the rule changing in the universe can’t change that image. EOS.

    Only IF Disney decided to use her image as the spokesmodel against human trafficking, odds: .000103750018275%.

  16. Roy J Lores

    You all realize that at this point officially recognizing Leia as a Disney Princess would just be a formality right?
    I mean the character is one of many SW characters that you can currently interact and take pictures with at Disney parks along “traditional” Disney princesses.

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