Comments for Influencing America through Animation WWII Propaganda Cartoons: Walt Disney (Part 3)


  1. Ken Hutchinson

    I have On The Front Lines in the boxed dvd set. I really wish both Disney and Warner would release boxed Blu-ray sets of all of their WWII cartoons. A great many of them are incredibly done.

  2. probably one of the best and interesting articles yet, please more of this. I would encourage more articles that also focus on the historical events and how it mirrors events today. Great job!

  3. EricJ

    So many showoffs wanted to buy Der Fuhrer’s Face (“Huhuh, look, Donald says ‘Heil!'”), Disney did a special double-pressing of that year’s Treasures run.
    Which is why you could also find so many spare copies of “Disneyland: Tomorrowland” (featuring the Ward Kimball “Mars & Beyond” and Walt’s Epcot film) and “Chronological Donald: Pt. 4”.

    It’s been ten years, it would be nice to see the Treasures back again in some form–Leonard Maltin knew we were all waiting for “Welcome to WDW” and “I’m No Fool: the Complete Jiminy Cricket” sets.
    (But no, they had to keep putting out those Mickey Mouse Club sets, and convincing themselves that “nobody was buying” the Treasures…)

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