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  1. Katie Rose

    What I found interesting was that many rides closed around 7. It was almost like they were trying to move everyone out. The ones that were not outdoors would close, by others that were outside didn’t. Small World had water where your feet go on the boat with about 2 inches of water. In that situation I feel it should have closed because it was very uncomfortable to sit there when your feet and legs were submerged.
    The official Disneyland app didn’t update until around 7 for the new Park hours. It was raining sure, but it wasn’t anything crazy or dangerous (like a lightning storm). Even Main Street was closed at 8. So many stores weren’t open the hour after the park closed like normal. All in all, I feel bad for the guests from out of town that maybe had their vacation cut short.

  2. Katie Rose

    Yikes so many typos. My apologies.

  3. DE

    Disney closed early due to low attendance and low sales. Disney was spending more on labor than actually making money. NOT DUE TO WEATHER. Disney rarely closes due to rain, because most attraction are indoors.

    1. Kenneth Bigler

      What caused the low attendance and low sales???? THE WEATHER!!!! So Disneyland DID close early due to weather. Weather was the contributing factor to the reason the park closed early. So don’t say the park didn’t close early due to weather……………

    2. Hank Aaron

      ……….Soooooooo what you’re saying is, Disneyland closed due to weather. Got it. 😉

    3. Does it really matter

      DE what are you smoking? It was due to the rain. Do you live out in Anaheim. Did you see the amount of rain that is coming down? Did you see the flooding your self. I did I was at Disneyland and it was flooded. I left before it closed it was a swamp in some areas. Not all the rides are inside and most if not all the lines to them are outside.

      Lets start see which rides are inside and not.

      Star Tours – Inside – Line is outside.
      Astro Blaster – Inside – Line is outside.
      Astro Orbitor – Outside – Line is outside.
      Space mountain – Inside Line is covered outside.
      Autopia. – Outside – Line is Outside
      Finding Nemo – Inside – Line is covered outside.
      Matterhorn – Outside – Line is outside.
      Tea Cups – Outside – Line Outside – does not operate in rain.
      Alice in Wonderland – Outside / Inside – Line is outside
      Storybook Land – Outside – Line is outside.
      Small World – Outside / Inside – Line is outside and major rain from bridge into boats.
      Roger Rabbit – Inside – Line is inside unless packed then goes out.
      Chip and Dale Tree house… Outside / Inside – Line is outside if one.
      Donald’s Boat… Outside / Inside – Line is outside if one.
      Goofy Playhouse Inside – Line is outside if one.
      Mickey and Minnie House – Inside – Line is outside if one.
      Peter Pan, Mr Toad, Pinocchio, Snow White, – Inside- Lines outside.
      King Authur Carrousel – Covered outside – Line outside.
      Casey Jr Circus Train – Outside – Line outside.
      Dumbo – Outside – Line is outside.
      Jungle Cruise – Outside covered by boat awning – Line is inside.
      Indian Jones – Inside – Line is outside.
      Tarzans Tree House – Outside – Line is outside.
      Pirates – Inside – Line is outside and inside.
      Haunted House – Inside – Line is outside.
      Thunder mountain – Outside Line is outside.
      Frontier Land Closed ( all attractions are outside / line outside)
      Splash Mountain. Outside / Inside. Line is outside / inside.
      Winnie the Pooh. Inside. Line is outside.

      13 rides out of 31 are completely inside. But all the lines are outside with only a few of them have coverings.

      So don’t assume it is because they losing money. This is not prime time season. So get your facts strait before looking like a goof…. sorry Goofy no disrespect to Disney Goofy.

    4. Susan

      Um, were you there DE? I was. The entire day. There was flooding over every square inch of both parks. I think that guest safety was a priority. The rain never ceased and continued to pour heavier with each hour. People were slipping getting in and out of rides. I’m guessing you are not a Disney fan.

      1. Jackie

        Not to mention the backstage areas were flooding too which makes it unsafe for the cast members that work in the park. Toontown flooded so bad they had to sand bag areas backstage and people had to hop from sandbag to sandbag to get to where they needed to go.

  4. Asunka

    Okie dokie

  5. Asunka Yuuki

    Puddles to go swimming in!!

  6. Garaan

    I daresay there’s a distinct safety risk in heavy storm conditions too… in addition to slip hazards and boats full of water (hello Small World), there’s water all over a lot of things… does anyone want a flooded engine on Autopia? Inappropriately flooded track areas on Big Thunder? Yeah, I’m sure a lot of people went home (not EVERYONE is such a diehard Disney fan that they’ll sit in two inches of rainwater instead of going back to their room) but there’s also safety concerns on the part of both patrons AND staff! I’m honestly surprised they didn’t quit earlier.

  7. Charity

    I’m glad they closed early due to the weather; especially as it pertains to the cast members’ and guests’ safety. Although, I really wish I had been there to see this! I love Disneyland in the rain (maybe not as much with this amount of rain, haha) and I would LOVE to at least have seen this in person.

  8. I was there all day yesterday and it was just plain wet on every ride, inside the shops, even the tram was soaked.

  9. Erica

    So did anyone get reimbursed due to closure early???

  10. SortingHat

    Me and my parents from Oregon went to Disneyland in Late February 2001 and it poured rain off and on all day creating standing water which the park announced it was going to close several hours early due to a massive storm predicted.

    The storm maneuvered away from LA going out to sea so the park said “We’ll stay open one hour later” then as we approached 19:00 hours the park then said they will stay open one hour later then normal to make up for things.

    There was this REALLY LOUD cheer across the whole park. Literally the entire park us included whooped and hollered and it was great staying really late at the park.

    It wasn’t very crowded except for it was spring break for some areas nearby so those people were their but tourist wise it was dead.

    We’re from Oregon so a little rain doesn’t hurt us and while everyone else was cold because of highs in the low 60s it felt mild for us due to low difference between day/night temps.

    The day/night difference was something like only +5 departure making it a tad humid.

  11. SortingHat

    I forgot to mention that night they did Fantasmic because it wounded up not raining. It was originally going to be cancelled so that made it extra special.

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