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  1. Andy

    Of all of these, I think Disney’s America was the biggest loss. It had so much potential and I wonder how Disney Parks would be different in the US today with a third location.

  2. Garaan

    Discovery Bay did kind of get built, as I’m pretty sure it was the influence for one (maybe two) of the lands at Tokyo DisneySea. Both Mysterious Island and Port Discovery have a very steampunky feel, as the former has two rides based on Jules Verne’s writings, and the latter has a ‘lighter weight’ approach to steampunk and airships and such. Memory tells me that the Hyperion is in Port Discovery as well, as a decorative background element, but it’s been ten years and I honestly can’t remember that well.

  3. Kevin

    Walt had plans for some sort of park or attraction here in St. Louis back in the 60’s.

  4. Ken Hutchinson

    Great article I had not heard of 3 of these.

  5. Kris

    There was plans for DisneyQuest for Philadelphia. The parking lot still stands where it would have stood.

  6. EricJ

    Epcot Japan wasn’t going to be a “Mt. Fuji roller coaster”, it was going to be a sim ride escaping Godzilla. Guess which studio (always) complained.
    And most of Disney America was recycled into California Adventure: Bountiful Farms was retained, the rides at State Fair USA became Paradise Pier, an Indian-village white-water canoe ride became Grizzly Peak, and a 3D-stereo Civil War experience was later used as the new preshow to Disneyland’s Mr. Lincoln.

    And back when Paul Pressler thought new 00’s movies would liven up “outdated” Walt-era attractions, there were plans to turn 20,000 Leagues into “Atlantis”, but….then the movie came out.
    Similarly, Beastly Kingdom was reduced to just one “Dragon Mountain” ride, but when tying it to “Reign of Fire” didn’t turn out to be such a hot idea, they decided to go with the “geographical” angle and make it Mt. Everest instead…But hey, at least the Yeti’s mythical.

    And come to think of it, we never did get that Pixie Hollow meet area at New Fantasyland, either, when Cinderella and Aurora lost theirs (in favor of Seven Dwarves’ Mine Train).

    1. Donald Task

      Mt. Fuji roller coaster was indeed in planning. Though since the Japanese people consider Mt. Fuji to be a sacred location, it was scrapped. There’s concept art on the Disney World Special featuring John Lithgow. However, I never heard of any Godzilla features…that sounds like a rumor to me, and rather insulting to the Japanese People.

  7. Beastly Kingdom and the Steampunk Discovery Bay sounded like really cool ideas

  8. A Russian pavilion would be a dream for me as well as my family. Additional countries represented in the showcase would be more of a draw than people realize.

  9. Casey

    I still think Disney should work something out with BBC. I have always thought Stitch was begging to be a Doctor Who attraction. The theater just screams inside of the Tardis and now that it’s only seasonal to permanently closed. It’s a great way to use what’s there to draw people in.

  10. Victoria

    I’d like to see new countries added to Epcot

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