Comments for Disney Villain Profiles: The Ringmaster from “Dumbo”



    Very good survey. I love that you include all phases of the Disney universe here — movies, parks, games, etc. Great job!

  2. EricJ

    Oh, whew, for a second there, thought Smith was going to play one of the new hip contemporary/PC versions of the Crows.
    So if we now have a “subplot” about children making friends with Dumbo…that means the writers are pretty much MUC like they did with Pete’s Dragon.

  3. Lindsey Silva

    The other elephants aren’t billed as villains? Catty, Giddy, and Prissy kind of fall short of Elephant Matriarch’s cruelty and are easily swayed by her opinions, but they’re all still AWFUL! Towards the end they sing in harmony to “When I See An Elephant Fly,” but I wouldn’t go so far to call that redemption. Thoughts?

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