Comments for New Disneyland Security Checkpoints Set to Open Dec. 15



  1. Matt

    I still really wish they would run a no bag line like they have in WDW. 90% of the time I don’t have a bag but still wait 15-20 minutes at these security checks. I have no issue going through a metal detector if I could bypass the bag check.

  2. Brian

    Great, now I get to be hassled about my ham radio in my day pack before I can even get into DTD? I am going to miss eating at Tortilla Joes…

  3. Ginny

    Question, what about those coming from the Grand Californian or those getting off of busses or taxis from the Southside entrance?

  4. Tony C

    Also of note: the small sidewalk from Disneyland Drive to the Mickey and friends tram stop at downtown Disney and the Parks is closing

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